Learning Skills at Work

A Resources approach to Learning and Development

Learning Skills at Work is a Learning and Development strategy to help businesses improve Skills, Knowledge, Productivity and Efficiency.

It has not been designed to replace traditional face-to-face training nor is it an eLearning solution but it provides a practical solution to a skills need that combines Knowledge Management and Employee Engagement with a Learning Strategy.


The Need for a Learning Skills at Work Programme

  • Most sectors have skills gaps
  • Many sectors have skills shortages
  • A lack of skills is damaging productivity
  • Most businesses could be more efficient if employees had improved skills
  • Releasing staff from the workplace to attend training courses can be a barrier
  • No one provides training in how to make your widgets or use your equipment
  • No one provides training in your ways of working, policies and procedures
  • The cost of training courses can be prohibitive
  • Knowledge within a business is not captured and shared for the benefit of others
  • Readymade learning resources from manufacturers and suppliers are not shared
  • Some training does not deliver a ROI as the learning is not applied in the workplace

Alternative Ways of Developing Skills

  • Social Learning
  • Micro learning
  • Project Learning / 70-20-10
  • Self Service
  • Compulsory and Voluntary Training Pathways
  • Using Resources During Everyday Activities
  • Communities of Practice
  • Personal Learning Networks
  • Linked to Formal Training / Blended Learning

How we Learn is changing

Improving Business Performance by combining Knowledge Management and Employee Engagement with a Learning Strategy

If you have an interest in establishing a Learning Skills at Work Programme please call me, Gerald Crittle 07827 335918.

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